What Is The Grand Design Exhibition Centre?

Duration Windows Grand DesignThe Grand Design Exhibition Centre is Duration Window’s product showroom. It is an environment where trade and retail customers alike can come to touch, feel and see our products for themselves. Our showroom allows us to show a huge range of modern and traditional style aluminium windows and doors. There is something for everyone.

If you are a trade customer - you can come down to see our product range and what we can offer you as a company. We can show you the differences between our products, helping you to decide which of our products you want to offer to your customers. We can also help to ensure you to specify the right product for your project. We want you to treat Grand Design as your own showroom. Bring your customers down and show them around, or simply send them down and we will show them around on your behalf. We guarantee it will help you get the job.

If you are a homeowner - looking for the right product at the right price. We can help. If you want to achieve a certain look or level of performance. We can help. We can give you the product specifications and the information you need to achieve your goals. If you want our products installed and you do not already have a company to do it, then we can put you in contact with supply & fit companies that cover your area. This way you will receive a number of quotes for the same products and can compare the companies like for like.

Why Visit Us?

Coming down to visit us is a valuable experience:

  • We think it’s important to try before you buy and we believe that the quality of our products speaks for itself.
  • You will become familiar with the terminology we use and the different options that are available.
  • We can go through your project and ensure that we fully understand your requirements.
  • You will gain an insight into our products - this knowledge helps prevent problems in the ordering process.
  • We can fill out an order checklist detailing what we have covered in the showroom.
  • You may end up ordering a completely different product than you would have otherwise chosen.

...and if you book an appointment we will give you a 5% discount voucher for your trouble.

5% Discount Voucher

Come and visit us. Book an appointment and we will give you a 5% discount voucher...

Google 3D Tour

Want to see if the trip to see us will be worth your while, or not sure you can come down to see us. Then why not take our 3D tour...

Who Are Duration Windows?

Duration Windows is one of the UK’s largest domestic aluminium window and door trade manufacturers. We are a supply only manufacturing company, and we do not compete with any retail companies whatsoever. The company is a family run business and was established in 1985, and employs approximately 100 staff. They aim to deliver any order of standard colours in 2-3 weeks, regardless of the size of the order.

The majority of our customers are trade companies, however we are happy to supply to the ever-growing self-build and DIY market.