Book an appointment to visit Duration Windows Grand Design Exhibition Centre

Why Book An Appointment?

We ask that you please book an appointment. This is simply because we can get exceedingly busy, especially over the weekends. By asking customers to call ahead and select an available time slot, we can ensure that every customer gets the time and attention they require. We can also staff the Exhibition Centre to accommodate the number of people that have booked each day.

When you call we get the opportunity to speak to you before you come down, in so doing we can make sure that we can accommodate your needs. Please try to turn up on time to avoid clashing with other appointments. You may think you are just going to pop down for 10 minutes to have a look, but in reality most people will be surprised by how many questions they have and how helpful we can be. To thank you for booking an appointment and taking the time to come and visit us, we will provide you with a 5% discount voucher.

If you do not wish to book an appointment please call us before traveling to check we have the products you wish to view on show. If you do not have an appointment feel free to turn up whenever you like. You can simply have a look around, help yourself to free tea and coffee and if you have any questions we will try to help you out, if we have a free moment. Please understand that customers with appointments will always be prioritised over people who just turn up.

5% Discount Voucher

Come and visit us. Book an appointment and we will give you a 5% discount voucher...

Google 3D Tour

Want to see if the trip to see us will be worth your while, or not sure you can come down to see us. Then why not take our 3D tour...