Get A 5% Discount Voucher When You Book

Book An Appointment To Recieve A 5% DiscountWe want to reward the customers that take the time to come and visit us. So if you book an appointment to come and see us at our exhibition centre on Canvey Island, we will reward you with a discount voucher. In the same way as we would when people visit us at shows and exhibitions. All trade and non-trade customers who book an appointment will be given a discount voucher.

We feel that it is a valuable experience to come and visit us and want to give people an incentive to come down to our showroom. It gives us the opportunity to help you find the product that's right for you and helps to avoid misunderstandings at the ordering stage. Customers that have visited our showrooms are much more knowledgeable of what they want and what is available, which therefore makes the whole process much easier for our sales department. We find that these customers end up telling their builders what product it is that they want, rather than the builder specifying the products they want to sell. Here at Grand Design we believe that it is important to try before you buy, and to do so without the involvement of a salesman. You will find no high pressure, hard sell sales techniques at our Exhibition Centre.

How It Works, Terms & Conditions

  • You must book an appointment in order to be eligible for a discount voucher.
  • When you come down to see us you will receive one discount voucher.
  • This will entitle you to an extra 5% Discount, up to a maximum of £250 off.
  • Once the order is finalised, the 5% discount is taken off the total cost of the goods (services such as delivery, survey and fixing are not discounted).
  • This offer is available for showroom visitors only - both trade and non-trade customers.
  • Each discount vouchers has a unique identification number and a one-time only use - once used the number becomes invalid.
  • Each discount voucher is valid for three months from issue.
  • Only one discount voucher can be used at any one time (i.e. one per order).

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Come and visit us. Book an appointment and we will give you a 5% discount voucher...

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